Technical Support

Technical Support

I. What's Insoluble sulphur ?

Insoluble sulphur is a non-toxic, inflammable yellow powder, it is allotrope of common sulphur, it is linear polymer molecular polymerized by a large number of sulphur atoms  .Insoluble sulphur do not dissolve in dioxide sulphur and other solvents , do not dissolve in rubber, so it is called insoluble sulphur or polymeric sulphur and chemical name is  polymer sulphur, short name is IS.


II. Application of Insoluble sulphur 

    Insoluble sulphur  had been widely used in natural rubber and a variety of synthetic rubber. They are made with tire and rubber products such as: Rubber belt, rubber pipe and sealants etc. They are specially used in radial truck tire making.


III. Advantage of Insoluble sulphur

The rubber no need spout frost during storage time. The Insoluble sulphur is able to keep the unanimous features of the rubber material, and prevent the pollution to rubber product and the models with Insoluble sulphur, there will be no transferring phenomenon between rubber layers that protects the moulding stickiness of the surfaces Reduce coking while mix smelting and storage Shorten vulcanization time, reduce the dose of sulphur and improve the property of anti-aging  of the product. Shortly ,the IS has following advantage :

a) No blooming during the storage of rubber,keeping the performance of rubber composition to avoid bad adhesion to rubber due to the blooming phenomenon,Pollution between rubber and die is thus prevented.
 b) No transfer in an adjacent adhesive layer,keeping the surface of rubber for adhesive molding.
 c) A reduction of sulphur by shortening curing time for improvement of ageing property of rubber products.
 d) A reduction of sulphur by shortening curing time for improvement of ageing property of rubber products.

 e) Strengthening of adhesion rubber to other materials
 f) IS-HS Series have high heat stability and reversion resistance to ordinary sulphur at the processing temperature.Safety in rubber mixing at a high temperature is increased .

  Ⅳ. Package

    25kg/ bag, per 900kg /pallet. One 20container loads 18mt .

  Ⅴ. Storage 

       Store in a well-ventilated area below 30℃. Avoiding exposure of the packaged product, exposure to direct sunlight. Do not store near products 

       that can emit free amines. Recommend use of date is within 6 months. 12 months with the proper storing condition.